One of the most important questions we get asked by delegates when they are considering a Anti Wrinkle & Dermal Fillers training course is “What are my options after I qualify?” At Derma Medical we realise the importance of the “Next Steps” in getting started in the industry. Once qualified these are the four main options you have…

1) Work in a Cosmetic Clinic

There are thousands of clinics offering Facial Aesthetics across the UK with more opening every day. You can opt to work full time in a clinic as a salaried employee, or you may prefer to work on a part time basis alongside your existing role. If you are part time you can often opt to work as little as 1 -2 sessions per week making it easy to fit in.

Clinics will provide all the equipment and products you need. They will also market your services to attract clients and book in patients to your clinics. You then consult and treat patients during the clinic and receive a percentage of the revenue. Typically clinics offer practitioners a 15-20% cut and experienced practitioners will be able to earn well over £1,000 from a single session.

It’s worth noting that many clinics now prefer practitioners that have completed both the Foundation and Advanced courses as patients are now demanding a wider variety of treatments.

2) Become A Mobile Practitioner

As an Aesthetic professional it’s very easy to set up on your own as a mobile practitioner. You can advertise your services locally and online and either get patients to come to your home or travel to their houses. You can fit all your products and essential equipment into a small bag to take out with you- the contents of which, we cover on the course.

Whilst it does mean you need to find your own clients and order all your own products – it also means that you keep all of the income from clients. Even with just a handful of patients you can quickly recoup your set up costs. Patients also tend to be very loyal and will need repeat treatments every 3-6 months. It’s easy to quickly build up a profitable client list and arrange appointments at your convenience.

3) Partner with a Salon

If you don’t have your own premised but want to set up your own regular clinic, partnering with a Beauty Parlour / Hair Salon or Nail Bar is a great option. A salon like this will often have rooms they can let you use for consulting and injecting patients. They also have a steady stream of potential clients that are very likely to be interested in Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers treatments. Its attractive to the salon as they can offer more services to draw clients in and will get extra revenue from the patients you treat.

Many delegates will approach salons in their local area and offer a percentage of profits in return for the salon allowing them to use a room and also marketing their aesthetic treatments to existing salon clients. Rather than paying rent for the room in the salon, it may be a good idea to agree paying them a percentage of your profits. This model means you have no overheads and it is in the salons interests to promote your services. Unlike a cosmetic clinic where you would expect to get paid 15 – 20% commission, we would suggest offering the salon around 15 – 20% and therefore keeping the majority of income for yourself.

4) Open Your Own Clinic

If you already have your own medical premises, then starting a clinic is a great opportunity to boost your current revenue. Some patients prefer coming to a clinic and you will be able to demand higher prices here than you would charge as a mobile practitioner. We are aware of many previous delegates that have established successful clinics very soon after training with us.

Even if you don’t have your own premises, it is possible to rent rooms or strike up a partnership. Often similar types of businesses are interested to work with medical professionals that can offer Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers treatments and they will also be able to provide a steady stream of potential clients for you. You can either choose to pay to hire the room or give them a cut of your revenue. It’s also perfectly acceptable to set up multiple clinics under this arrangement.

So What Next?

So once you have completed your training you can choose one or more of these options and fit them around your existing work and home life. The Facial Aesthetics industry grew by over 40% last year so if you have the know-how then all three routes can be extremely profitable.

We will teach you how to do all three on a Derma Medical training course and give you the best possible start which ever avenue you choose. We are also on hand to offer aftercare support once you have completed the course.

For those seeking employment, we will provide you with a list of up to date vacancies from clinics and aesthetic recruiters across the UK as well as tips and help on writing your CV and preparing for interview.

If you prefer to work on your own or start a clinic then we can give you invaluable advice on setting up. This includes where to buy products, how to market yourself, attracting clients and growing your aesthetic business.

For more information on kick-starting your career in Aesthetics email us at [email protected] or book onto one of our upcoming Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers training courses here.