5 factors to consider when booking your Course

With great nonsurgical treatment advances and a booming industry, now is a great time to be training in Aesthetic Medicine. But where do you train? While there are many training courses around, they vary considerably in many ways. Here are 5 factors to consider when booking onto a Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injection Training Course:

1) Course Content

It’s always important to do your research here. Some courses may only cover the bare minimum, leaving many gaps in knowledge. Often these lead onto a ‘pyramid scheme’ of follow-on courses by leaving delegates empty handed unless they book more. Before booking your course, check the curriculum content to see what exactly is covered. Use this to decide and compare to other courses to see if this gives you the all-round approach or just keeps things vague. At Derma Medical, you can view our curriculum coverage and course content in our courses section. Our coverage across the combined course provides you with everything you will need to get started in Aesthetics without the need for doing ‘follow-on courses’ as all procedures are thoroughly covered. We have also devised a unique ‘landmark-based’ curriculum for each procedure that is taught showing how to perform each injectable treatment safely whilst achieving the desired look.

2) Practical Experience & Confidence to get started

This is very important! For you to confidently treat your own patients single-handed this is a must. Having attended and worked for several training companies ourselves, this was one of the biggest gaps in Aesthetic training nationwide. Every client is different and expectations vary. No two people have the same anatomy and what suits one client may not suit another. Live practical experience is essential to instill confidence for independent practice and the more you get of this on a course the better the retention of knowledge. For this reason we provide over 32 live models across our course set-up like a clinic. Our groups are split up and objectively assessed to ensure accuracy from consultation to post-op care through standardised assessments in a real-life clinic setting. No delegate should leave feeling under confident or unsafe to start treating paying clients upon completion of training. Be careful with courses that train you only using plastic dummies – this is not reflective of real-life and misses out on many factors such as consultations, differing client anatomy and managing expectations. Equally, some courses rely on you to bring one model to complete your training before being certified. Often these courses are advertised as ‘the lowest price in the industry’ or ‘far cheaper than other courses’- this tends to be a reflection of their quality. Many our our course delegates have reported that they didn’t feel confident to start treating people with these approaches hence have come to us to gain enough practical experience. Before booking a course, make sure you enquire about this essential factor.

3) Course Aftercare & Next steps

What you do next is as important as the training course you take. We have found from delegates re-training with us, having trained elsewhere, that many of them didn’t know what to do next. As a result they have become deskilled or given up on a potential future in Aesthetic medicine. It’s well-known that having the skill to perform the procedure is one aspect, but that’s only half the job! Many courses will help with this but fail to cover the next steps after acquiring these new skills. At Derma Medical, our clinic experience & affiliation with business start-ups and recruitment agencies helps delegates get indemnity cover, prepare their CV and find work upon completion of training through recognition of our curriculum. For those wanting to set-up their own practice, we have experts who can assist with this. We also bring back previous delegates who attended our course to share their experiences. In doing all of these to show you that it really is possible if you follow the correct steps.

4) Products & Start-up kits

During your Aesthetic Training, you will be using many products to inject our live models. You will become familiar with which product is used for different areas of the face and develop preferences for certain ones. At most courses you will then have to purchase your own products separately to get started upon completion. At Derma Medical, upon completion of our courses, we will send you away with a start-up kit of products worth in excess of £100 to get started along with the essentials to get up and running yourself. We pride ourselves in offering this service as delegates can ease into transition from course to real-life practice immediately.

5) Course Reviews

Like holidays and restaurants, one of the best ways to assess what other people think about a training course is through previous delegate reviews. Reviews explain the good and bad points of a service and help people make decisions about a training course. Some reviews are more reliable than others, and with current technology and social media, Facebook reviews have become a reliable way to assess a service as have services such as LinkedIn and Google Plus. We expect and encourage all delegates to do this prior to booking any course to avoid any potential disappointment. We pride ourselves on the service we offer and the sheer number of Excellent 5 star reviews we have received at Derma Medical. Why not check things out for yourself here: https://www.facebook.com/dermamedical/reviews/