1) Heavily discounted treatments

As a cosmetic model on a Derma Medical training day, we are able to offer exactly the same treatments offered in Aesthetic clinics but significantly cheaper. As it is an educational event you can benefit from paying just the price of the products so that others can learn the best way to administer Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injections.


2) Expert Input

All cosmetic treatments are performed by Healthcare professionals that have all had experience with needles and injections. Moreover these professionals will be carrying out your treatment alongside experts in the field who run their own clinics and are very experienced in these procedures. The techniques that are taught are all based on established key landmarks and guidelines making this process both safe and effective.


3) Increased time and care taken

Due to the simplicity of injecting Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injections, many clinics often allocate 10-15 minutes per client. This can often feel quite quick and rushed, leaving room for error. As a cosmetic model, we will dedicate a longer time to your treatment to both study your facial anatomy, draw out our margins and them carefully carry out the work, ensuring maximum accuracy.


4) Multiple professional opinions

As a cosmetic model at one of our training days, your treatment will be carried out by a team of professionals. This enables all delegates to give their own professional holistic opinion alongside expert trainers. Many of our models like this arrangement as there will be a ‘team approach’ to optimise your cosmetic result.


5) Learn your own anatomy and what benefits you most

Rather than simply coming into a clinic, receiving treatment and leaving, as a cosmetic model you can benefit from free consultations that can tailor-make your treatment. We will teach you about the ageing face, your own facial anatomy, how and when to intervene. Not only this, you will also benefit from the latest injection techniques and the newest products on the market!


If you would like to be a cosmetic model at our next training day, you can book any of the Treatments Available online or fill in your details and we can get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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