7 common myths about Dermal Filler and Anti Wrinkle Injections

Myth #1 – Cosmetic injections are very painful

Although it’s true we all have different pain thresholds, the truth is that most people compare the sensation of the injections to a mosquito bite. There is a slight pinching feeling but it only lasts for a few seconds. No anesthetic is used or necessary during the procedure for Anti Wrinkle Injections, but can be used if needed for fillers. In some filler products, local anaesthetic is included so numbs the area during the injection process. A very fine needle is used and small amounts of liquid or collagen are injected. The pain associated with these injections is minimal to completely non-existent.

Myth #2 – Anti Wrinkle Injection leads to loss of facial expression

Many people think that getting Anti Wrinkle Injections will cause you to lose the ability to have facial expressions. The truth of the matter is that these procedures will simply enhance expressions rather than erase them completely. Those who have had the treatments performed by a trained and skilled injector are still able to display the entire range of facial expressions including frowning, smiling and appearing surprised. The treatment simply relaxes the muscle at the injection point.

Myth #3 – Cosmetic Anti Wrinkle Injections is the same as Botulism

It is a myth that cosmetic Anti Wrinkle Injections consists of botulism or food poisoning. The reality is that Anti Wrinkle Injections is made from a purified protein that is derived from the toxin. Many medications are derived from toxins and are completely safe. There has been extensive research and testing on Anti Wrinkle Injections to ensure it is both safe and effective for users. Anti Wrinkle Injections injections have one of the highest satisfaction ratings from patients with nearly 97% of users being happy with their results from the treatments.

Myth #4 – Anti Wrinkle Injections is only effective for Facial Lines

Anti Wrinkle Injections was actually developed as a treatment for neurological disorders not as a cosmetic facial treatment. It continues to be used for a variety of different conditions including depression, migraines, chronic neck and back pain, involuntary facial movements, strabismus, temporo-mandibular joint paint, hyperhidrosis as well as movement disorders such as facial spasms, writer’s cramps and neck tremors.

Myth #5 – Anti Wrinkle Injections Treatments are Toxic, Unsafe and Dangerous

With nearly 20 years of use for a range of different conditions, Anti Wrinkle Injections has a long and well-established safety history. More than 16 million treatments have been performed since it was first introduced in the marketplace. No long term side effects have ever been seen in users of the treatments even in studies that followed people who received thirty or more injections over a period of 9 years. It would take a dose of more than 100 times the average dose given for cosmetic use for cosmetic Anti Wrinkle Injections treatments to be fatal.

Myth #6 – Dermal Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injections treatments are just for women

Although cosmetic injectables are more commonly requested by females, there has been a significant increase amongst men in recent times. The most commonly requested female procedures are brow lifts, cheek and lip enhancement, whilst in gents, hyperhidrosis, frown lines and nose reshaping rank amongst the top few. Interestingly, male customers often advertise it more than their female counterparts, with studies showing only 12% of women confessing to having treatments, compared to a wopping 74% of men!

Myth #7 – Dermal Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injections are the same

Although both are injectable, they differ in both substance and effect. Anti Wrinkle Injections relaxes the muscles that create wrinkles and can soften lines, prevent lines, aesthetically lift or drop facial structures. Dermal Fillers restore and add volume to facial tissue, giving you a youthful, plump look. They can also stabilise, reshape and contour facial structures. Dermal Fillers also last longer than Anti Wrinkle Injection