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We regularly get asked by potential delegates – “what is the difference is between our Foundation, and Advanced Injectables® and Dermal Fillers Courses?” This blog explains the differences between them and the reasons why we think you should do both!

The Foundation course is a one-day introduction course usually held on a Saturday. It’s perfect for those with no prior experience of Injectables® and Dermal Fillers. You will learn the 6 most commonly requested treatments (Forehead, Frownline & Crows Feet Injectables®; and Lip, Nasolabial and Marionette Fillers). In the morning we teach the theory and how to avoid and deal with complications. You then spend the entire afternoon injecting on live models so you have plenty of time to put your new skills into practice. The day then finishes with a talk on “What Next” with tips on setting up your own practice or gaining employment in a clinic. Delegates are also given comprehensive lists of live clinic vacancies to help them get started straight away.

The Advanced day on a Sunday follows a similar format and again the afternoon is dedicated to hands on injecting on live models. In the advanced course we teach a further 12 Injectables® and Dermal Fillers treatments which are also now growing in popularity. We teach Injectables® for Brow Lift, Bunny Lines, Pebbled Chin, Jawline, Gummy Smile, Neck and Hyperhidrosis. You will also pick up 3 new dermal filler techniques for Cheekbone Formation, Smokers Lines and Hand Fillers.
You have the option to just train to Foundation level or you can come to just the Advanced course if you have previously trained to Foundation level with us or another provider. That said, many delegates choose to take our 2-day combined course which is the Foundation and Advanced course back to back over a weekend. You save 10% booking the 2 days together making this a popular choice.

So what are the Top 4 reasons for coming on a combined Injectables® and Dermal Fillers training course with Derma Medical?

1)      Learn all 18 procedures in the industry

In just one weekend you can become a Complete Cosmetic Clinician and learn all 18 commonly requested Injectables® and Dermal Fillers treatments. Many courses try to split this into more days so they can charge you more but we believe our unique Landmark based training systems and practical approach means you can master all 18 over the weekend.

2)      You can offer your private clients a wider portfolio of treatments

If you are a mobile practitioner or have your own clinic, then you will be responsible for finding your own clients and maximising the return you get from them. If you can offer all 18 treatments, then you have a much better chance of cross selling further treatments. It also means you will be able to keep up with the requests from clients asking for the advanced procedures and they won’t start looking around for another practitioner that is able to do all their Injectables® and Fillers.

3)      You are far more employable if you go to work in a clinic

Clinics will typically aim to offer all 18 Injectables® and Dermal Fillers treatments to clients and if you have only completed a foundation course then this limits the amount they can utilise you. There are also far more practitioner across the UK that have only completed a Foundation course and therefore if you completed the Combined course you are far more employable in clinics and will have an immediate advantage on those with just foundation knowledge.

4)      You will get plenty of practical experience over the course of the weekend

We line up 30-35 models on a Derma Medical training weekend – far more than most Injectables® and Dermal Fillers training courses. The reason for this is to give delegates as much hands on experience as possible. The afternoon sessions of our courses are set up like a clinic to give you the real life experience you need.  On a combined course you are getting double the amount of hands on experience, allowing you to start practicing confidently and safely immediately.

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Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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