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Are you a registered nurse or midwife, tired of working long hours, in poor working conditions, whilst your salary diminishes in real terms year on year? If so you are not alone according to recent figures from the Nursing & Midwifery Council and the Royal College of Nursing. Taking a course in cosmetic injectables could be the answer as more and more nurses turn to aesthetic medicine for a happier and more lucrative nursing career. At Derma Medical we specialise in aesthetic nurse training.

Nurses Leaving The NHS

Figures published recently by the NMC show that for the first time since 2008, more Nurses and Midwives are leaving the profession than are joining it. The report goes on to say that “poor working conditions” and “poor pay and benefits” are key factors in the exodus.

Earlier this year, research by the Royal College of Nursing reported there were 40,000 unfilled posts for nurses in the NHS. A recent article in the Guardian calculates that NHS Workers will have had their pay cut by 12% by the end of the decade because of a government-imposed below inflation pay cap of 1% per annum.

Would be nurses are discouraged by public sector pay caps and cuts to student bursaries. Existing nurses are suffering worsening conditions due to staff shortages and budget cuts. It’s no wonder nurse and midwives across the UK are started to consider their career options.

Transitioning to Aesthetic Medicine

Nurses are already skilled injectors and many nurses regularly inject medicines, take bloods and cannulate patients as part of their day to day job. This makes the transition to aesthetic medicine very easy and its very straight forward to teach nurses and midwives common Injectables and Dermal Filler treatments over our 1 day foundation or 2 day combined course.

Derma Medical courses are designed around easy to follow landmarks which map out safe injecting zones. These landmarks are taught on the day and published in our course manuals to refer back to. The whole afternoon of all our training courses is then dedicated to injecting live cosmetic models to ensure you have plenty of practice and are ready to start practicing confidently and safely immediately after the course.

Career Opportunities for Cosmetic Nurses

After attending one of our Injectables and Dermal Fillers aesthetic nurse training courses you will be ready to get started in the industry straight away.

There are lots of full and part time Cosmetic Nurse opportunities for those wanting to work in aesthetic clinics and we give all training delegates a list of live vacancies from clinics across the UK when they attend the course. Nurses considering clinic work should definitely consider our advanced training day to ensure they learn all the popular treatments now offered in high street clinics.

If you like the idea of having your own practice, you can choose to become a mobile practitioner or open your own clinic. Our team of aesthetic trainers have lots of experience in all these areas and we dedicate a whole section of the training day to giving you tips and tricks on getting started, marketing yourself and building a successful business.

Many nurses start off by working part time in aesthetics – either fitting around their existing shifts, or opting to reduce their NHS hours to allow a more even split. Once established, you may be tempted to make a complete transition to facial aesthetics. We’ve seen lots of other nurses do this due to the flexibility and rewards on offer.

If you are serious about standing out as an expert injector in your local area, then in the long term you should consider investing further courses to further develop your treatment portfolio and expertise. Our Lip Filler Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring teach you the very latest cutting-edge techniques. For those wanting to get ahead of regulation, we also offer the Ofqual regulated Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine. These additional training courses allow you to master your trade and can dramatically increase business from clients.

The Benefits of Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse

Whether you choose to work in an existing clinic or set up on your own. The financial returns available for aesthetic nurses can be truly life changing. An NHS Staff Nurse at the top of band 5 could earn more from administering two botulinum toxin or dermal filler treatments than they could working a 12-hour weekend shift in the NHS. It’s not unusual to earn £150 – £250 profit from each patient you treat privately – with each appointment taking around 15-20 minutes. If you follow our advice then you will quickly recoup the costs of your training courses and have a significant increase in income.

You will also benefit for flexibility that is just not possible in the NHS. Many staff nurses work long shifts including nights and weekends which can impact your health and personal life. As a cosmetic nurse in a clinic, you can arrange shorter clinics shifts on suitable days or evenings. If you are doing mobile work then you can literally arrange appointments around all your other commitments.

Many cosmetic nurses also report increased job satisfaction. As procedure are non-permanent, many clients will return on a regular basis and it’s easy to build up a group of regular clients who in turn can recommend others interested in treatments.

Becoming a Nurse Prescriber

As Botulinum Toxin is a prescription drug, you will need to be either a nurse prescriber or work with a prescriber to order. You can find out more about how this works on our blog on “Non-Prescribers – What you need to know about Botulinum Toxin”.

Nurses also have the option of completing a V300 course (usually offered by local universities) to gain independent prescribing rights. Once you have completed this you have complete autonomy to consult patients, order and administer Injectables. You will also be able to act as a prescriber for other medical professionals and charge them a prescribing fee for your time. Universities usually prefer candidates to have 6-12 months hands on injecting experience after completing their aesthetic nurse training before applying for a V300 course.

Dermal Filler & Injectables Aesthetic Nurse Training

At Derma Medical we specialise in training Registered Medical Professionals in non surgical facial aesthetics. If you are just getting started in cosmetic injectables we offer both a 1-day foundation and 2-day combined course option depending on your budget and needs. The Foundation course covers the basic 6 treatments – including lip fillers. The 2-day combined course covers 18 of the most common treatment areas including popular treatments such as cheek fillers, chemical brow lift, jawline slimming and hyperhidrosis.

If you have already completed your initial training, we have a range of courses to help you further your aesthetic career. For those wanting to get ahead of regulation, we offer the Ofqual regulated Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine. For those wishing to expand their expertise, we offer a Lip Filler Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring. As a Cosmetic Nurse you have the opportunity to complete all these courses and become the Complete Cosmetic Clinician.

For further details on any of our training courses, please contact our training team on 020 3873 7610 or email You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and check all available courses dates and book online here.

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