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Junior Doctors have to first spend 5 years at medical school before they graduate and can then remain a Junior Doctor for between 5 and 9 years depending on their chosen path. Currently the starting salary is just under £23,000. Whilst this basic salary may be set to rise, other changes to working hours and enhancements mean many Junior Doctors will lose out. The worst hit are those future Doctors who will start their career under the new contract.

With all this doom and gloom spread across the media you may be wondering why anyone would commit their hard work and studying for a career in medicine? Thankfully, many do; and there are opportunities open to Junior Doctors to improve their financial situation in the early years. Derma Medical is a leading Doctor led cosmetic training company that trains many Junior Doctors to become Aesthetic practitioners, giving them great career opportunities and financial stability.

The non surgical facial aesthetics business is booming in the UK as it is across the world. Last year it grew over 45% and is now worth in excess of £2 Billion. This growth means there is now huge demand for Doctors to train and work in cosmetic clinics. There are also great opportunities to set up as a mobile practitioner or even run your own clinic! Working in a corporate clinic, an experienced practitioner could earn well over £1,000 in commission from just 1 days work. If you work privately or set up your own clinic then the rewards can be even higher!

Indeed all of our Aesthetic Trainers here at Derma Medical trained and started practicing in Injectables® and Dermal Fillers whilst they were junior Doctors. Not only were they able to fund the early years of medicine from the great income opportunities available, but they were also able to fit part time clinic shifts and private patients around their work and studies. It also opened up great new career opportunities to specialise in Aesthetics and become expert trainers in the field.

cosmetic-doctorThe UK Aesthetics market is still in need of further regulation and here at Derma Medical we strive to train our delegates above and beyond the current norm. We have devised a unique landmark based curriculum to ensure safe practice. For our courses we line up more live models than any other training company to ensure delegates have lots of hands on practice and leave ready to start work immediately. We also provide employment opportunities to help delegates get started in the industry. Our efforts had led us to have strong links with a number of leading Aesthetic recruitment companies and a partnership with Intraline, a leading multinational Aesthetic Manufacturer with headquarters in Canada. Our courses are also recognised and approved by the 2 leading cosmetic insurance providers – Hamilton Fraser and Cosmetic Insure.

So of you are a Junior Doctor feeling disillusioned by the recent changes to the Junior Contract then why don’t you consider a part time role in Aesthetics to supplement your income? If you want enjoy Greater Wealth, Job Satisfaction and a better Work/Life balance then get in contact today.



Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin


  • Mr Zack Ally dear sir I realy don’t know the procedure but plz if there is any way you need test patience for your students especially face lift I would be so great ful if you can let me kno how I can apply it is my only way of achieving this kind of procedure Thant’s you so much for your time mr Ally oh I’m 58 yrs young x

  • Thank you for the article. I am starting as a junior Doctor this August and have been interested in aesthetics for some time.
    As a Foundation year 1 Doctor in which there is a provisional gmc registration are you allowed to practice aesthetic medicine following completion of your courses?

    Many Thanks

  • Hello,
    I am a physician associates student soon to complete my first year of studies. I was just wondering whether you have a training package available for physician associates.

    Thank you,

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