Why You Should Offer Botulinum Toxin and Fillers in Your Dental Practice

You may have noticed a number of dental practices in your town or city offering botulinum toxin and dermal filler procedures alongside their regular practice, and for good reason. As a dentist, you could significantly increase your profits and job satisfaction by adding cosmetic injectables to your treatment list.

A Seamless Progression

By already working as a fully qualified and registered dentist, you are already 90% of the way towards being able to offer anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in your practice. All you need to do is attend either our foundation or combined course which will teach you the most commonly requested treatments that you can offer paying clients straight away, once you receive your certificate of attendance and obtain your cosmetic indemnity insurance.


Dentists have an incredibly in-depth understanding of many skills required for a seamless progression into the world of cosmetic injectables. Not only does the nature of this profession make for comprehensive understanding of anatomy, but also a keen eye for detail and superior dexterity where they are used to working on complex tasks that allows little to no margin for error.

Offer Therapeutic and Cosmetic Treatments to Complement Your Dentistry Work

As well as general cosmetic tweaks, botulinum toxin and dermal filler can be used for therapeutic reasons relating to their oral hygiene, health, and appearance. You could inject the patient with Injectables to help lower the top lip helping with a gummy smile, or you could inject the drug into their masseter muscles to help with wideset jaws as well as bruxism or TMJ symptoms. Dermal filler can be placed strategically for those with weaker jawlines and chins to help enhance the lower face and balance the appearance of a class 2 malocclusion which can make many people feel insecure and helps them avoid permanent surgery that carries with it a lot of risk. Although there is still risk associated with cosmetic injectables, it is significantly less than that of surgery.

An Already Established Clinic with Clients

If you run your own dental practice you also have the ideal det up to treat your clients, with a reclining chair made to be comfortable and moved for patient comfort, as well as optimal treatment angles. You’ll also have a sterile and well-lit environment for maximum safety and accuracy which is of paramount importance.


Not only is the practice suitable from a clinical view, but it is also a fantastic marketing opportunity. Your practice will be full of an established list of local clients who already trust you enough to work on their smile. You’d be a top choice for those same people looking to tweak their appearance or undergo a full facial transformation, perhaps even tagging their treatment onto their regular check-up.


By working in your dental practice, you will experience minimal overhead costs; only requiring investment in some key products and equipment to get you started that will not take up too much space and can be stored away neatly until the next client. You will more than likely already have certain things set up such as sharps bins and their collection as part of your already established practice. As a medical professional with automatic prescribing rights, you will be able to practice independently from the very start.

We Train Many Dentists

At Derma Medical we train a number of dentists every single week and we are proud to be a part of their journey into this exciting career! We would highly recommend starting with our 2 day combined Injectables and Dermal filler where you will learn 18 most popular treatments to allow you to be able to offer a large variety of procedures from the start, the course is CPD accredited, so you will earn 16 points across the 2 days towards you annual appraisal and re-validation. More information on this course as well as a full list of treatments you will learn, and live availability can be found here.

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One of the most satisfying parts of the job is to see your patient’s reaction when they first see their results in the mirror, that you simply would not get with a mannequin; it’ll reinforce the reason why you decided to train in the first place, and will make you want to see that reaction again and again with each person who walks through your clinic doors.

After their treatment a live model may also have questions about how to look after their treatment which will further enhance your knowledge and experience in looking after patients with different needs and lifestyles.

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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