Injectables Parties – Fun Evening or Dangerous Hobby?

Everybody loves a party right? What about one with needles and prescription medicine? Are Injectables parties just a fun evening or a dangerous hobby?

This famous phenomenon first started in the US whereby rich housewives would get together, dine, drink champagne and then receive injectables® injections one-by-one to top the evening off. These events have now hit the UK where more and more groups meet every 4 months and invite a doctor friend to administer their treatments for a large lump sum.

Not all events have gone smooth however. There have been multiple reported cases of “injectables parties gone wrong“, which have seen ‘cowboy practitioners’ inject cheap injectables® purchased over the Internet. Needless to say, these events ended badly, resulting in significant bruising, facial asymmetry and permanent scarring, without any follow up.

Although unregulated, common sense dictates that there is only one environment you should have Injectables® and Collagen injections, and that’s in a licensed clinic. This is because Injectables® isn’t a simple procedure, and requires a trained practitioner.

Our advice…save your parties and drinking games for the weekends and visit your local clinic for any cosmetic treatment. As a cosmetic model at a Derma Medical training day you get clinic quality treatments administered by medical professionals, but pay only cost price as you will be part of our training day.

If you are a Doctor, Dentist, Nurse or Medical Professional looking for accredited Injectables training courses then check out our cosmetic courses today.

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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