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Complete Cosmetic Clinician Vs Level 7

One of the most common questions asked by many soon-to-be delegates is, “what is the difference between the Complete Cosmetic Clinician package and the Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine?” This article serves to address the aforementioned question and help you make an informed choice about the best aesthetic training course for you.

This article was updated in January 2019 to reflect the latest guidance available on JCCP membership and the addition of our Level 7 packages.

Complete Cosmetic Clinician Package

The Complete Cosmetic Clinician course is a package made up of all 4 of our Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler courses as listed below:

Foundation Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers

Advanced Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers

Lip Filler Masterclass

Advanced Masterclass in Complete Facial Contouring

We have found that many medical professionals who complete our popular 2-day combined course (Foundation and Advanced training), then come back to complete our Lip Filler Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass in Complete Facial Contouring. This package gives you the opportunity to book all courses together and save over 10%.

We purposely schedule some of our courses in close succession, so it is possible to complete the Complete Cosmetic Clinician course in just 4 days. This is perfect for any international delegates looking to learn all 22 common non-surgical treatments that we train in a single trip to our flagship training academy in London. Equally, you can choose to spread the 4 courses out over a number of weeks or months, whilst booking all together on one order to take advantage of the £540 saving.

The Complete Cosmetic Clinician package helps newly trained aesthetic practitioners to get ahead with 4 days of intensive training following our internationally recognised landmark-based curriculum. You will each see 7-9 live cosmetic models on each day and spend the whole afternoon injecting, so you are confident to start practising immediately after the course. Popular areas such as lip augmentation are covered both on our Foundation Course and then again in more detail on our Lip Filler Masterclass. The Advanced Masterclass in Complete Facial Contouring showcases cutting edge treatments using both microcannula and needle. You will learn advanced facial anatomy to ensure safe practice of tear trough filler, chin & jawline sculpting, and non-surgical rhinoplasty – now famously known as the ‘10-minute nose job!’

Therefore, completing all 4 of our dermal filler and Injectables courses will not only increase your employability to large flagship clinics, but it will also allow you to offer a larger portfolio of treatments to your clients, as well as help boost your marketing campaigns as you showcase the latest techniques and advanced treatments.

The Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

The Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine was developed by Industry Qualifications after Health Education England published guidelines to improve training for non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The Level 7 course expands on the traditional ‘weekend style’ courses by requiring delegates to build a portfolio of supervised treatments and complete written and practical assessments. This qualification usually takes between 6-18 months to complete the course, however there is no set time frame in which you need to complete this qualification.

Whilst there is only one official Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine developed and moderated by IQ, there are only a small number of aesthetic training providers accredited to offer the course. Each training provider can choose their own methods for course delivery, provided all portfolio work and assessments meet the central specification.

As well as being accredited by IQ, our courses are also accredited by BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine).

Our Level 7 course is split into 3 stages to allow delegates to complete according to their own experience level, timescale and budget.

Stage 1:

Complete either our 1-day foundation or 2 day combined (foundation & advanced) certificate in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. Both courses include our comprehensive e-manual which covers all core HEE guidelines for cosmetic interventions and information needed for the stage 3 assessments.

Our initial courses include 50% practical work on live cosmetic models to ensure you are confident to start practising immediately.

If you already hold a foundation certificate in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, you can fast track straight to Stage 2 following validation of your previous training.

Stage 2:

You will need to complete five supervised treatment days in order to collate a portfolio of observed and administered treatments under supervision. Each delegate will need to observe 10 and treat 10 of each modality. The completed portfolio of 40 treatments will be collated by Derma Medical ready for submission following your assessments. We run sessions every 2-3 weeks and you can choose to complete these as close together or as far apart as you wish.

Stage 3:

The final stage focuses on written and practical assessments. You will be given coursework to complete in your own time in the form of 34 short answer questions. We also hold a practical assessment day in which you will be required to complete 8 OSCE stations. These stations usually take 10-20 minutes each to complete and cover areas such as consulting patients, simulating foundation treatments and managing complications. The assessments are all pass or fail, but you will have the option to come back and re-sit any failed OSCE stations or sections of SAQs– subject to the appropriate resit fees.

Once stage 2 and stage 3 have both been completed in full, the portfolio of work and assessments are sent to IQ for final moderation. Once passed, you will be awarded the Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine.

Level 7 Packages:

Derma Medical also now offer delegates the opportunity to book our Level 7 package. The package includes the five supervised treatment days, short answer questions and OCSE assessment day. This package can be booked with or without the foundation training day depending on whether you are just starting out in aesthetics or already an experienced practitioner.


Why Should You Consider Booking the Level 7 Course?

Whilst the Level 7 certificate is not a mandatory requirement, it will allow you to demonstrate your competence with a formal qualification. The most popular route to joining the new JCCP register is by completing a Level 7 injectables course. IQ has recently received confirmation that the IQ Level 7 in injectables meets the criteria for JCCP approval. Accordingly, all graduates of the qualification will now be eligible for entry to the JCCP register.

Should I choose the Level 7 or Complete Cosmetic Clinician?

In a perfect world, we would suggest every delegate completes both the complete cosmetic clinician course and the Level 7 qualification to maximise their opportunities to progress in the lucrative field of aesthetic medicine. However, we realise that budget and time can impact this decision.

If you are looking to join the JCCP register and get ahead of regulation, then the Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine is the best choice. You will also get lots of chance to practice foundation treatments on our Stage 2 supervised treatment days and then dig deeper into the theory behind aesthetic medicine when completing the coursework. You will need to allow 12-18 months to complete the Level 7 course.

If, however you feel comfortable with foundation treatments and wish to expand your repertoire further, then we will teach you new techniques and treatment areas in our masterclasses. These are not part of the current Level 7 qualification and would allow you to offer more treatments in your clinic. With our Complete Cosmetic Clinician package, you have the option of completing the combined course and both masterclasses in as little as 4 days.

Everyone’s situation is different, and if you have any questions about any of our courses or you need honest advice on which courses will best suit your needs, please contact our training team on 020 3873 7610 or by email at

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