Derma Medical Launches Online Training Videos

Derma Medical is excited to announce that we have now launched a series of online videos to accompany our popular Injectables and dermal fillers training courses.

Have you previously completed a facial aesthetics training course? These videos provide an opportunity to replay treatments and techniques that you have learned previously. Acting as an excellent guide for facial landmarks and safe injection techniques, these videos are perfect to refresh your knowledge.

These comprehensive online training videos are presented by our CEO and Medical Director – Doctor Zack Ally. A key opinion leader within the aesthetics industry, Dr Ally devised an accredited landmark based curriculum in order to teach facial aesthetics safely through Derma Medical.

These videos are recommended for experienced aesthetic practitioners only and do not serve as a replacement for one of our training courses. The purpose of these videos is to act as a learning aid alongside existing and ongoing training in facial aesthetics. Derma Medical highly advise against performing such treatments unless you have been competently trained to do so.

We offer 4 different options to purchase our online training videos;

Foundation Online Training – These videos demonstrate the most commonly requested facial aesthetic injectable treatments in the industry.

Advanced Online Training – Our advanced online training demonstrates 12  more advanced areas and techniques.

Advanced Masterclass Online Training – These videos demonstrate the most advanced and cutting edge dermal filler techniques.

Complete Online Training – Our complete online training package. This contains all 12 online training videos.

You can view and book each package here. If you have questions on our online training videos or need assistance purchasing a membership you can contact our training team on 020 3873 7610 or by emailing us at hope to hear from you soon!

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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