Developing your Career in Facial Aesthetics

Are you a medical professional interested in training in Facial Aesthetics? Or perhaps you have already taken some courses but are not making the most of the opportunities available? This article will help you to plan your training pathway and realise your full potential in the lucrative world of non surgical cosmetic injectables.

Getting Started

The first question most delegates ask us is “where is the best place to start?”. Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers make up 85% of the non-surgical market and therefore completing either a 1 day Foundation or 2 day Combined course will give you a great start into the industry. Whilst we sometimes get request for “Injectables only” or “Filler only” courses, the reality is that Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers go hand in hand together. Many patients will have a combination of treatments to achieve their desired profile and will look for practitioners skilled in both. Non prescribers may be initially put off from training in Injectables – however non prescribers are still able to administer Injectables and our blog on Botulinum Toxin for non prescribers will help explain how this works.

Working for a Cosmetic Clinic

Taking a part time job in a cosmetic clinic is a great way to get more experience in the aesthetics industry whilst maintaining your existing career path. Nowadays, cosmetic clinics will typically look for delegates that have completed Advanced Training as they are able to offer a wider variety of treatments, now typical in cosmetic clinics.

A cosmetic clinic will usually pay practitioners a percentage cut for all patients treated and its not uncommon for experienced practitioners to earn £1,000 plus from one clinic shift. The clinic will also arrange patient appointments and order all products. Busy professionals may find this an attractive option and you will just need to show up, consult and inject patients, whilst the clinic arranges everything else.

With more clinics opening every week across the UK, there are lots of employment opportunities available and we give all delegates a handout with tips on securing employment and an exclusive list of clinic vacancies to get you started.

The more prestigious clinics now look for delegates that can demonstrate their commitment to the aesthetics industry. We would recommend delegates keep a portfolio of treated patients and also consider investing in follow on training courses to help them stand out at interview.

Setting Up Your Own Clinic

Many practitioners dream of opening their own clinic. There are lots of ways to get started without needing your own premises. On a Derma Medical training course, we have a whole section dedicated to the business side and we give you lots of tips and tricks from our years of experience within the industry.

Getting started with mobile work can be a good first step with minimal start up costs. Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments don’t require any heavy equipment or machines and a mobile practitioner can comfortably fit all their products and peripheral equipment in a small travel bag. Private appointments can be arranged around your ther work and personal commitments and typically practitioners can expect to make £150 – £250 margin per treatment after factoring in product costs. Even if you saw a couple of patients per week this could equate to an additional £2,000 income per month!

Partnering with a salon is another great business opportunity. Hair, nail and beauty salons often have suitable premises and clientele that would be interested in Injectables and Dermal Fillers. Its usually possible to agree to pay the salon a small cut of your profits in exchange for the room hire – making it a very low risk strategy. This option gives you access to premises and a steady stream of new potential patients from the salon. Its in the salons interest to recommend you to their clients as they are sharing on your profits!

Standing Out From The Competition

There are lots of paths to choose to utilise your training in cosmetic injectables, but one important question you should ask yourself is “How can I stand out from the competition?”. It is a competitive market out there and many medics see a quick weekend course in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers as their answer to supplementing income from their NHS jobs.

Whilst a weekend course will undoubtedly open up great opportunities, to realise your full potential in the industry, you should think about investing further in training to allow you to get ahead of local competitors.

Lip Filler is now the UK’s most popular facial aesthetic treatment and many practitioners learn the basics of lip augmentation on a Foundation dermal fillers course.  The Lips are a prominent treatment area and its often easy to gauge practitioner’s skill levels by the results of their Lip Filler treatments. Our 1 Day Lip Filler Masterclass gives delegates a chance to expand on this training and master 14 different techniques to achieve a bespoke and natural look. There are live demonstrations by our expert trainers and you will spend the whole afternoon injecting live Lip Filler Models, allowing you to master your new skills.

Our 1 Day Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring teaches you cutting edge techniques in dermal fillers.  You will learn highly sort after treatments offered by only the most skilled aesthetic practitioners – Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (nose filler), Tear Trough Filler (for sunken eyes) and Chin and Jawline sculpting using both needles and cannula. The results from these 4 treatments are very visual and before and after photos are great for marketing and attracting new clients. Patients will also be drawn in by these advanced treatments – even if they only plan to have more simple treatments. The more training you have, the more patients will trust your expertise, and the more your practice will grow!

Delegates keen to get ahead of regulation can enrol in our Ofqual regulated Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine. Whilst not currently a regulatory requirement, the Level 7 course is a post graduate qualification that includes building a portfolio of treatments, completing coursework and been assessed through a series of OSCEs. The Level 7 course typically takes 9-18 months to complete, but delegates will be able to start practiscing immediately after attending the initial combined course weekend.

We are also one of the first aesthetic training providers to be accredited by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM). Our courses are designed to adhere to the very latest guidelines and we work closely with organisations such as BCAM to promote the highest possible standards within the industry. Doctors that train with us have the option to transfer their professional registration to BCAM should they choose to leave the NHS and work full time in non surgical aesthetics.

Developing Your Aesthetic Career with Derma Medical

At Derma Medical we teach Accredited Cosmetic Training courses internationally at our academies in London, Manchester, Brisbane (Australia), Stockholm (Sweden) and Dubai (UAE). We offer a range of courses to help you develop your aesthetic training career and stand out from your competitors.

Our training team would love to talk to you about the different options available and help answer any questions you have. Please get in contact today by emailing or calling 020 3871 7610.

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