Level 7 – Your Questions Answered

Derma Medical was one of the UK’s first training providers to adopt the new Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine. We are passionate about raising standards in the facial aesthetics industry and the Level 7 course provides a rigorous course and assessment allowing delegates to demonstrate a higher level of competence.

We regularly get questions from delegates interested in the course and wanting to new how the changes to HEE Guidelines and the JCCP register will affect them. This blog aims to answer some of those frequent questions to help you choose the best course for you.

Why has the level 7 qualification in aesthetic medicine been created?

Following the huge increase in non-surgical treatments in the UK, Health Education England (HEE) was appointed to review training standards and make recommendations. In 2016 HEE published 2 reports outlining a framework for regulated, standardized training for non-surgical cosmetic practitioners. The Level 7 qualification was created to meet these standards.

Who can enrol on the level 7 certificate in injectables for aesthetic medicine?

Derma Medical provide the Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine through one of Ofqual’s awarding bodys – Industry Qualifications (IQ). Under IQ’s entry criteria we can currently train:

    • Doctors,
    • Dentists,
    • Nurses (with/ without independent prescribing rights),
    • Midwives (with/ without independent prescribing rights),
    • Pharmacists (with/ without independent prescribing rights),
    • Paramedics,
    • Dental Therapists or Dental Hygienists

What is covered in the level 7 certificate?

The Level 7 Certificate includes our Foundation Injectables and Dermal fillers training day, e-learning materials, supervised treatment days (clinical mentoring) and assessments.

The Level 7 course covers the following units:

  • Principles of History, Ethics and Law in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Principles of Treatment in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Principles of Cosmetic Psychology in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Principles of Dermatology in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Principles of Botulinum Toxin Use in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Practice of Botulinum Toxin Use in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Principles of Dermal Filler Use in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Practice of Dermal Filler User in Aesthetic Medicine

How long will the level 7 qualification take to complete?

We would usually expect delegates to complete the full Level 7 course in 6-18 months depending on your own budget and timescales. Delegates are allowed a maximum of 5 years to complete the qualification.

You will be able to start practicing immediately after your initial Foundation Training Day.

What happened to the Level 7 course becoming a mandatory requirement in 2018?

Whilst the Department of Health strongly supports the HEE recommendations and Level 7 qualification, it has not been made a mandatory requirement. The JCCP has now officially taken control of the HEE educational and qualification framework for non-surgical treatments. The JCCP is a not for profit the body that operates a register of practitioners and approved education and training providers with the key remit of ensuring patient safety.

How can I apply to be on the JCCP register?

Aesthetic practitioners have 3 routes to join the JCCP register.

  1. Complete a Level 7 qualification in aesthetic medicine with a JCCP authorised education or training provider.
  2. Complete a Level 7 qualification in aesthetic medicine with another accredited training provider.
  3. Apply for provisional registration providing you have demonstrable evidence of undertaking procedures in that modality for a minimum of 2 years.


Further details on the application process can be found here –

Can I continue to practice in Injectables and Dermal Fillers without the Level 7 qualification?

Yes, you can complete our Foundation Injectables and Dermal Fillers course and be certified to practice and easily gain cosmetic indemnity insurance through one of our course sponsors – Hamilton Fraser or Cosmetic Insure.

Our Combined Injectables and Dermal Fillers course makes up Stage 1 of our Level 7 course, meaning you will have completed the first part of the course should you choose to enrol later.

What if I am already an experienced practitioner trained in Injectables & Dermal Fillers?

If you are already practising in non-surgical facial aesthetics and have a Foundation training certificate in Injectables and Dermal Fillers then you will likely be eligible to fast track our Level 7 course and jump straight in to Stage 2. For more information please email us or refer to our Recognition/Accreditation of Prior Learning (RPL/APL) protocol.

Why should I choose to complete my Level 7 course with Derma Medical?

We have structured our Level 7 course into 3 stages, allowing you to train according to your own timescales, budget and experience level. We also offer a Level 7 Package allowing you to prebook all 3 stages and save 10% on course fees.

As part of the Level 7 we train you in Foundation Injectables and Dermal Fillers. You also have the option of booking our Advanced Injectables and Dermal Fillers training day, ensuring you can safely and confidently treat patients for all 18 common treatment areas.

We arrange lots of live cosmetic models for each course, giving you plenty of hands-on experience to start practicing straight after your initial training days

All our clinical mentoring sessions are completed in-house with our expert trainers to ensure you receive consistent training at the highest levels.

We also provide delegates with valuable advice on setting up a mobile practice or clinic and employment opportunities to help you get started immediately.

What other courses do Derma Medical offer to further my career in Aesthetics?

Whilst the Level 7 qualification demonstrates long term commitment to the aesthetics industry and a level of competence, we also over several Masterclasses to help delegates stand out in the industry.

Lip Masterclass – Master the art of administering lip filler treatments and learn the full range of techniques to achieve a certain lip outcome tailored to the request of your patient.

Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring – This advanced masterclass training course is perfect for those wanting to learn brand new cutting edge techniques with both needle and cannula.

PDO Cog Thread Lift Training – Perfect for Aesthetic practitioners looking to master the art of the non-surgical facelift. The “No Blade Facelift” is an excellent technique to lift and tighten skin.

Artistic Facial Transformation – Learn how to develop full facial transformations. Combine cutting-edge treatments and tailor a bespoke package of treatments for your patients.

Aesthetic Business for Medical Professionals – Translate your injectable skills into a real profitable business with this business masterclass aimed at both new and existing aesthetic practitioners.

So whatever the right option for you, we can help you progress in the lucrative field of aesthetic medicine. You can book into any one of our upcoming courses in London or Manchester here. Our courses do get booked out 2-3 months in advance so check out our training dates online now and secure your place on the UK’s No.1 aesthetic training course. If you need any assistance choosing your pathway, then please email us at or call 020 3873 7610.

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