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Just by having a qualification as medical professional, it doesn’t necessarily make you an artistic professional in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Nonsurgical cosmetic treatments represent the perfect combination of science and art. As you progress in your aesthetic career you will go through the transition of ‘looking’ at a face to ‘seeing’ a face, but don’t confuse the two. To ‘look’ is not to ‘see’. Inexperienced injectors will often look at the area in question e.g nasolabial folds, often being too concerned by dosage and needle angle or depth. Experienced injectors will start to ‘see’ the face and treat it holistically- often addressing areas above and below it balancing facial profiles to achieve global harmony. These individuals have a more artistic approach to the face often leading to better outcomes and more satisfied patients.


Masterclasses are perfect opportunities for delegates wanting to further expand their foundation and advanced training and either learn brand new cutting edge techniques or master existing treatments. Increasing demands for nonsurgical procedures have led to new innovative cosmetic treatments to help define the chin and jawline, correct tear-troughs and reshape the nose and lips without the risks or downtime of surgery.

These masterclasses teach delegates advanced facial contouring procedures using both needles and microcannula techniques that can be applied in combination to various parts of the face. Pioneering techniques will be taught covering in-depth anatomy and theory followed by plenty of hands-on practical training on live models in a real-life clinic setting. The focus becomes less about ‘how much’ or ‘which angle’ to inject but more about ‘how to create a desired look tailored to your patient’.

Delegates should be comfortable with the foundation injection techniques prior to attending this course and be ready to take their clinical skills to the next level.

Lip Filler Masterclass

Thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner – demand for Lip Filler treatments continues to grow. This treatment is also now very popular with younger females and has helped the whole facial aesthetics industry to boom in the last few years.

Lip Filler treatments are both a science and an art. 50% of the job is down to injection technique, 50% is down to proper massage. The Lip Filler Masterclass teaches you all you the art of administering lip filler treatments and enables you to devote an entire day to learning a whole range of techniques to achieve tailored outcomes for your patients. As with all of our training courses, a large part of the day is dedicated to hands-on small group practical training on live cosmetic models under the watchful eye of our highly-skilled and experienced aesthetic trainers.

Advanced Facial Contouring Masterclass

The Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring is perfect for those wanting to learn brand new cutting edge techniques. Increasing demands for aesthetic treatments have led to new innovative cosmetic procedures to help sculpt chin and jawline, correct tear-troughs and reshape the nose without the risks or downtime of surgery.

You will practice the procedures using both needles and microcannulas. Pioneering techniques will be taught covering in-depth anatomy and theory followed by plenty of practical work on live cosmetic models in a real-life clinic setting.

Many aesthetic professionals never complete Advanced Masterclass training and this course is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and elevate your profile as a cosmetic practitioner.

Learn the correct way on a Derma Medical Course

At Derma Medical, we will take you through the optimal progression from novice to expert with the guidance of our expert trainers. We will show you the art of Aesthetic Medicine and the various injection techniques that exist in today’s industry.

Gone are the days of just treating an area. Modern day aesthetic medicine is about facial transformation, feminization/masculinisation, artistic facial contouring and profile balancing. Check out our popular advanced masterclass and lip filler masterclass today or email us at for more information.

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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