Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery – The New Trend!

Which country do you think is number 1 in the world for cosmetic procedures? Is it the UK? the US or countries in the middle east such as Iran and Lebanon?

Although all these nations have a high prevalence of surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures, the number 1 country to beat them all is; South Korea! According to the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery, a staggering 1 in 5 women in South Korea has had some form of cosmetic work done. In comparison, in the US the number is 1 in 20.

Undercover reports have shown a fascinating insight into a society where looks are heavily criticised while obvious cosmetic work is heavily frowned upon.

Many women in South Korea are in a constant pursuit to live up to a beauty ideal created by media and heavily influenced by a desire to look more westernised. The most commonly requested procedures are brow lifts to open up the eyes and make them look bigger, jawline reduction, nose jobs to lift and create a nasal bridge and elongation of the chin.

It is not only in South Korea that these treatments are popular. They are performed regularly at most aesthetic clinics around the UK and the demand is only increasing. These extremely face changing procedures used to be performed by plastic surgeons, under general/local anesthesia, be extremely painful with a long downtime and cost a fortune. However, virtually the EXACT same results can be achieved with non-surgical methods making these procedures infinitely more affordable, quicker, easier, performed in an outpatient setting with minimal anesthesia required. They are also non-permanent and most importantly, some are reversible in case the client isn’t entirely happy with the results!


Injectables® Brow Lift & Tear Trough Fillers

A Injectables® brow lift or tear trough fillers are an excellent first step/substitute for a blepharoplasty where the saggy skin above the eyes and hollowness under the eyes required surgical intervention.




Jawline Injectables® & Chin Sculpting

Jawline injectables® to reduce a widened jaw and achieve a more feminine and ‘V’ shaped lower face is an increasingly popular treatment with a very high satisfaction rate. What more, it’s an effective treatment for bruxism (teeth grinding)

Chin sculpting can be achieved by both injectables® and filler treatment. A chin can be thinned and elongated to reshape the jawline, pebbling and a mental crease can be diminished and even a curve right beneath the lower lip can be formed to shorten a very long chin!




Non Surgical Nose Job

The non surgical nose job has been around for some time, and this involves a far less gruesome procedure to reshape and straighten the nose and even create a nasal bridge and lift the tip!

Injectables® into certain muscles can lift the tip while skilful injecting and sculpting can completely change the entire shape, achieving excellent results with minimal side effects.



Finding The Right Practitioner

While many practitioners administer these treatments, it’s important to do your research and always seek those skilled in performing them. At Derma Medical, we teach key landmarks, map out safe zones and how to use the correct amount/quantity of product to achieve the desired results. One can always go up from subtle but not down from extreme, so for those new to such treatments, it may be best to take things in steps.

To learn how to perform all 18 commonly requested procedures, book onto our foundation and advanced courses at alternatively to become a model visit

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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