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The Difference Between a Rejuvenation Intraline PDO Thread and a Cog Intraline PDO Thread

PDO Thread treatments are growing quickly in popularity due to widespread global adoption of the technology. However, with so many different PDO Threads to choose from how do you know which one to use and for what treatment? PDO Thread treatments are one of the loudest buzzes in aesthetic medicine right now but they are also one of the most confusing and we are here to sort it out for you! PDO Thread treatments can be divided into two main categories, Rejuvenation PDO Threads and Lifting PDO Threads also known as thread lifting or Cog PDO Threads.

Rejuvenation PDO Thread Treatments

Rejuvenation PDO Thread treatments take advantage of the regenerative changes that take place in the dermis and subcutis from the expert insertion of PDO Threads using specific techniques. Multiple modes of action including Neo-collagenesis (the body’s production of fresh collagen) from a foreign body reaction, micro-circulation stimulation, increased metabolism, lipolysis, muscle relaxation, and increased tissue adhesion, result in skin tightening (by thickening and hydrating the skin) and slowing of the aging appearance (by strengthening the skin).

Rejuvenation PDO Threads include Monos, Doubles, Triples, and Spirals (Screw Threads), Double Spirals (Tornado Threads), and other smooth threads. Rejuvenation PDO Threads are used when the main goal is to improve skin quality rather than lifting, but strategically inserted they will provide a small amount of lift via skin tightening as well as facial contouring. Although they can be used in strategic locations all around the face, typical treatment areas include a sagging jawline, neck sagging, tear troughs, the corners of the mouth, and the forehead. A typical treatment would involve anywhere from 10 – 20 rejuvenation threads per treatment area.

A Mono PDO Thread is a single filament smooth PDO Thread folded in half. A Double PDO Thread is two smooth PDO filaments twisted around each other and folded in half. A Triple PDO Thread is three smooth PDO filaments twisted around each other and folded in half. A Spiral (or Screw) PDO Thread is one or two smooth filaments that are intertwined and wrapped around the needle. A Double Spiral is two smooth PDO filaments twisted around each other and around the needle. Spiral PDO Threads are particularly good at providing good volume restoration to sunken areas of the skin and gives immediate structural support.

PDO Thread Lifting Treatments

PDO thread lifting is the most dramatic treatment option for PDO threads but is also the most difficult and managing patient expectations is critical. Lifting threads have barbs, also known as cogs along the length of the thread with the aim of affixing the skin in a position to give the appearance of a minor facelift. Make no mistake though, PDO thread lifts are not capable of the same outcome as a proper facelift by a skilled surgeon. The amount of lift provided from a Cog PDO Thread treatment is typically only a few centimetres and results are not permanent. Typically, depth of placement for a Cog PDO Thread is the subcutaneous tissue and the effect is twofold with an immediate lift due to the barbs being activated and hooking into the underside of the skin and long-lasting effect due to the gradual metabolism of the thread which leads to skin rejuvenation. Cog PDO Threads are commonly used to lift the cheeks helping to correct nasolabial folds, along the jawline to reduce the appearance of jowls, in the neck to help correct sagginess, and in the nose for safe and effective non-surgical rhinoplasty. Usually, 1-5 Cog PDO Threads will be placed in a treatment area.

There are many types and sizes of Cog PDO Threads but Intraline focuses on the most effectively used types for classic multiple point lifting and non-surgical rhinoplasty. The Intraline Dimension 360 threads are made by cutting cogs in a spiral pattern into a mono PDO filament. Our newest Cog PDO Thread is the Dimension 720. It is a moulded Cog PDO Thread. Our moulded technology allows the thread to maintain its integrity of shape and provides four times the strength of non-moulded threads. Dr. Mark Holmes said about the Dimension 720 “I was amazed by the extra lift and tightening they generated compared to the already impressive cutting cog of the Intraline Dimension 360 thread. The patient who was previously treated with 19G Dimension 360 threads 18 months ago could not believe the dramatic improvement in the result compared to last time. I am excited about using these in my practice!”

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