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What to Expect on a Level 7 Supervised Treatment Day

Recently, we joined some of our level 7 delegates as they worked towards completing their portfolios for their Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine. Today we will be sharing photos from the day to give you a taste of what to expect on your own supervised treatment days.

Build Your Portfolio

As part of the level 7 qualification, delegates must complete 5 supervised treatment days to build a portfolio of 40 total cases, which is comprised of 10 administered and 10 observed treatments for both botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

Our delegates treated cosmetic models throughout the day, giving our them a chance to get plenty of hands-on practise on a variety of different models and treatments, with expert advice and guidance from Dr Chike and Dr Emma.

Boost Your Confidence

We had 6 delegates join us on this day who were supervised by 2 of our level 7 trainers, Dr Chike Emeagi, and Dr Emma Sloan. Throughout the day the delegates refined their skills learnt on the stage 1 foundation course, completing consultations, learning to assess the face, recommend treatments and administer upper face anti-wrinkle, lip filler, nasolabial filler, and marionette filler treatments on live cosmetic models.

Over the 5 days required to complete stage 2 of the level 7 qualification, we see our delegates gain more and more confidence in their ability, coming back each time with enhanced skills.

Increase Your Employability

Those who practice and treat their own patients outside of the training rooms throughout the level 7 qualification are normally the ones who find more success and growth in their business going forward. Being able to treat clients in an efficient and professional manner, offering high quality results will develop into repeat business.

Stage 2 can be completed before or alongside stage 3 of the level 7 qualification. Some delegates choose to complete the qualification in chronological order, where others prefer to jump in at the deep end and immerse themselves in their studies.

Contact Us With Any Questions!

The level 7 course is a great option for those who want to spend time to really master the basic treatments, spend time refining their skills, and ultimately, receive an industry recognised qualification for doing so.

The qualification is not mandatory but it is a fantastic way to get ahead of any future legislation, and make yourself look attractive to potential employers and clients. More information on the Level 7 course can be found on our blog post discussing the most common FAQs on the course.

For more information on our courses, please do visit our website here, or you can email us at, or call us on 020 3873 7620.

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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