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Why Choose Derma Medical?

[vc_colored_box align=”aligncenter” bg_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#e2e2e2″ padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px”]If a business already exists, to succeed, you must either offer something DIFFERENT or BETTER, here’s what sets us aside from the rest…

✓ Highly experienced approachable trainers who run their own clinics in the largest & longest established corporate in the UK.

✓ Small groups to maximise individual learning time tailored to delegate needs.

✓ Over 30 live models provided. *far more than any other provider*

✓ Learn the latest advanced aesthetic training techniques.

✓ Landmark-based training to map-out safe zones. *unique to Derma Medical*

✓ Listed employment opportunities and job vacancies for you to apply to after our training *not offered anywhere else!*

✓ Learn the ‘COSMETIC CONSULTATION’ *not offered anywhere else!*

✓ Business tips and considerations for starting your own clinics.

✓ Both theory and practical training on models provided.

✓ Complications – preventing & managing.

✓ Electronic access to theoretical material provided.

✓ Continually review and keeping up to date with the latest developments to ensure we deliver the best aesthetic training in the UK.

✓ Free start-up kits upon completion with > £100 worth of products. *not offered anywhere else!*

✓ Luxurious and renowned training venue.[/vc_colored_box]

[vc_heading title=”Testimonials” subtitle=”Recent reviews from delegates of our aesthetic training courses” color=”#444751″]
[vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Waleed Al-wali” author_dec=”Dentist” position=”Designer”]”Excellent course pitched at a great level for those new to the cosmetics scene. Good combination of theory and practical sessions. I left the course feeling confident and competent as promised. I will certainly return for the Advanced course.”

[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Donna Faye Dominguez Tumalaytay” author_dec=”Doctor” position=”Designer”]”Excellent training courses, one of the best training providers i have ever encountered. Professional, knowledgeable and helpful trainers. This company is distinguished from others through its link to employment afterwards, truly fantastic!”

[vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Peter Franklin” author_dec=”Doctor” position=”Designer”]”One of the best courses I have ever attended. It was up-to-date, modern and showed us old and new techniques allowing us to choose what we prefer to use. Dr. Zack Ally is a very knowledgeable in the field of aesthetics and a fantastic teacher, I highly recommend this course.”[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Jay Jadeja” author_dec=”Doctor” position=”Designer”]”A great course that exceeded my expectations. A solid basic understanding of the main principles were taught and demonstrated, enough to get you started. Brilliant team who were always at hand to offer their assistance.”

[vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Sarah Goddard” author_dec=”Dentist” position=”Designer”]”It was a very informative training day with plenty of models to get experience all afternoon. It was very well organised and very interactive. Zack was on-hand to answer any questions I had, and the employment part of the day was very useful, thank you Derma Medical!”

[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Florida Biala” author_dec=”Doctor” position=”Designer”]”Excellent training provider with fantastic training and work opportunities. Great trainer! I feel confident to practice after completing the weekend courses, thanks Derma Medical!”

[vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Piroska Cavell” author_dec=”Midwife” title=”Section”]”I attended the foundation course run by Dr Zack Alley of Derma Medical to qualify as an aesthetic cosmetic practitioner in March 2015. I had researched a few courses available from other providers but chose this one because of the comprehensive training package including anatomy, product information, practical session and business and employment information.

It was a great day covering all aspects required for me to start my own practise. The work book I received prior to the course has been a valuable resource before during and after the course. I felt confident, competent and safe on completion of the day and already have clients of my own 3 weeks on. I will definitely be recommending Derma Medical and Dr Zack Alley to anyone who is interested in this line of work.

I Looking forward undertaking the advance course.”[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Sandra Karmani” author_dec=”Doctor” title=”Section”]”I attended both Foundation & Advanced courses at Derma Medical’s beautiful Central London venue in May. I can truly say it was outstanding. Everything from the teaching, to the practical aspects. The day was very well organised with morning theory (reinforcing the previously sent-out content), followed by practical training on live models. I felt very confident having watched a demonstration by Dr. Zack Ally himself then practiced the same injecting techniques. Dr. Ally demonstrated various injection techniques enabling me to choose my preferred one. The latter part of the afternoon was dedicated to the business aspects of setting up my own practice or gaining experience with other clinics. This was excellent and a wide variety of choice was on offer. I would highly recommend this course above any others in the industry for anyone (new or experienced) keen to make their mark in aesthetics. Thank you Derma Medical!”[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Peter Macneal” author_dec=”Doctor” title=”Section”]”I attended the basic and advanced courses. Very professionally run course in a well chosen venue. It provided easy to understand information with excellent reinforcement of the fundamental ideas throughout the course. Zack is an excellent teacher and an expert in this field, with good support from the other 2 trainers present. The course was a good balance of seminar based teaching and all important hands on practise of a variety of treatments, with real models. With the insider industry career advice provided by the trainers, ultimately this course provides the knowledge and skills that are required to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Highly recommended.”[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”AAR” author_dec=”Doctor” title=”Section”]”I really enjoyed Zack’s Derma Medical Advanced Injectables® and Fillers Course. He is an excellent trainer. He has exceptional knowledge of anatomy and aesthetics which I felt that he was able to teach in an articulate yet thorough way. Through the day there was plenty of opportunity to practice the techniques we had been taught. Zack is clearly meticulous in his own aesthetic practice, and this was clearly demonstrated in his training.”[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider][vc_testimonial_slider style=”testimonials-style-4″][vc_testimonial name=”Arsh Sharif” author_dec=”Doctor” title=”Section”]”Great course, trainers were very skilled and great communicators covering an extensive range of procedures inn depth. I truly feel confident to practice by myself now as I received lots of opportunities to practice . Highly recommend to people wanting to pursue a successful career in aesthetic medicine.”[/vc_testimonial][/vc_testimonial_slider]

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