With significant growth within the Aesthetic industry and increasing shifts towards non-surgical cosmetic treatments, combination treatments are at an all-time high.

Certain celebrities have contributed to this trend, often seen within popular reality TV shows such as ‘The only way is Essex, Cheshire Housewives and the well known ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

Some of the more common specific requests for combination treatments are outlined below:


1) Cheekbone formation, Anti Wrinkle-Brow lift and Jawline-Enhancing


This look creates a modelesque ‘chizzled’ appearance by combining youthful high-arched cheekbones with a narrower lower face. The associated lateral brow lift opens up the eyes and creates the raised eyebrow tail. These looks have been sported by the famous Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner (who is also famous for her lip fillers).


2016-05-03 16.38.25


2) Neck lift, DAOs & Marionette Filler

Anti Wrinkle Treatment to the neck, platysmal bands and Depressor Angular Oris muscles creates a lifting effect – enabling up to a 20% lower face lift in the right candidate. Marionette fillers can be used 2 weeks later to create a further lifting effect. Client selection here is key to the outcome. This procedure is often known as the Nerfertiti Neck lift named after the famous Queen Nerfertiti who’s was known for her sharp jawline.




3) Perioral & Smoker’s Line Filler

Another great combination. Small quantities of Anti Wrinkle injections to the Orbicularis Oris muscles can open out small contractures to this area, enabling dermal filler injections to be injected in superficial linear threads above the lips 2 weeks later. This treatment works well for smoker’s lines and can have quite dramatic results in the right candidate.




4) Pebbled Chin & Chin Sculpting with Filler

Anti Wrinkle injections into the mentalis muscle can open out a linear creases, Chin dimples and ‘Pebbled chins’. They can also create a longer appearance to the chin in those with round faces. Dermal fillers can also be injected into the chin area to create a more protruded chin in those with a retracted one. In combination with lateral massater injections this can change a round face into a more pointed one giving the illusion of facial weight loss.


2016-04-22 19.32.12


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