At Derma Medical we offer cosmetic training courses for nurses in the latest anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

Would you like to put your  years of nurse training and hard work into an industry where you could more than double your current income? …If the answer is yes, then read on to discover more about our Cosmetic Training Courses and how we can help you train and work in an industry worth over $4 billion annually, which is crying out for trained Cosmetic Nurses.

Registered nurses are some of the hardest working professionals in the Australia. Nurses work tirelessly to care for patients, often through long and unsociable hours. Although many love their roles, many also want better job security, flexibility and better standards of pay and recognition for their efforts.

Our mission is to help nursing professionals across Australia to achieve many of the things they are missing in their current job roles.
If you want to work in an environment where you are properly rewarded for your skills, efforts and knowledge, we believe our Cosmetic Training courses for Nurses will give you everything you need to get started in the lucrative world of facial aesthetics. Its possible to work part time alongside your existing role or change career path and specialize in cosmetic nursing full time. You will learn all about different ways to supplement your income in aesthetics on our courses.

This is the only business where cosmetic nurses can earn high profitability with minimal start-up capital if they receive the correct training and advice. Once you have completed one of our cosmetic nursing courses you will be able to offer all 18 common cosmetic injectable procedures. You then have the opportunity to work as a cosmetic nurse in a clinic, become a mobile practitioner or open your own clinic. We will show you how to do all 3 on the course!

We specialise in Anti Wrinkle & Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Nurses. We will give you everything you need to get started on either our FoundationAdvanced or Combined course. You can then further develop your aesthetic skills with our Lip Filler Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring, allowing you to become the Complete Cosmetic Clinician.

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    Why Nurses Should Train in Aesthetics

    1) Higher Income

    Hour-for-hour as an Cosmetic Nurse (either self-employed or working for a clinic), you can expect to earn far more than you would as a bank nurse. It is easily possible to double your current salary and even a few hours a week offering facial aesthetic treatments can have a big impact on your monthly income.

    2) Better Quality of Life

    Many Cosmetic Nurses we have trained have reported enjoying a much better quality of life – working more sociable hours with happier, more satisfied patients. Cosmetic Nurses can work shorter shifts and less hours to achieve the same income. They also report increased job satisfaction resulting from having more autonomy in a less-pressured and environment.

    3) Develop New Clinical Skills

    Cosmetic Nurses will learn a range of injecting techniques on our Combined, Lip Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass courses and can learn all 22 popular anti wrinkle and dermal filler cosmetic injectables procedures that we train. Although mainly cosmetic, some anti wrinkle injections can be used for medical use such as treatments of Hyperhidrosis, Migraines and Bruxism.

    4) Building Good Relationships

    As a registered nurse you may feel as though there are time constraints on the time you spend with your patients. Many nurses also work shifts and look after different patients each day without seeing them again. As a cosmetic nurse carrying out aesthetics treatments you will find that you can build better relationships with patients as they will return regularly for repeat treatments. Many patients return for repeat treatments every 3-4 months and often recommend friends also interested in having procedures. Before you know it you can have a steady stream of customers coming back on a regular basis.

    Booming industry currently worth $4.4billion globally and growing.
    Huge demand for Anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in Australia and the Gold Coast.
    Shifting trend towards non-surgical treatments as patients look for cheaper alternatives to surgery
    Minimally invasive, non-permanent, low-risk work that is quite often reversible
    You can train over a weekend and be ready to start treating paying clients
    Work alongside your existing role or set up your own practice. Excellent financial returns available.

    Getting Started as a Cosmetic Nurse

    Cosmetic Training Courses for Nurses


    Our 2 day combined course teaches you all 18 common Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Filler cosmetic injectable treatments allowing you to start practicing immediately. After this initial weekend you can further your training with our Lip Filler Masterclass or Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring.


    You will receive training certificates allowing you to get cosmetic indemnity insurance with HPI Online. They recognise our course and are able to offer cover to Nurses trained by us.


    If you are a Nurse Prescriber you can practice independently. Nurses who are not prescribers can buddy up with local prescriber or use a prescriber service and are still able to train and administer Anti Wrinkle products and Dermal Fillers.

    Gaining Employment

    Cosmetic Nurses are highly sort after by cosmetic clinics and you will find many part and full time job opportunities available. We will give you lots of tips and advice on the course to help you find work straight after training.

    Setting Up Your Own Clinic

    Many aesthetic nurses dream of opening their own clinic. We will give you lots of business and marketing advice on the course so that you can turn the dream into a reality. Our Team of Doctors have years of experience running their own clinics and can offer you invaluable advice in getting started.

    Cosmetic Training Courses for Nurses

    As the Medical Aesthetics industry continues to grow year on year, demand for high quality aesthetic treatments administered by highly skilled nurses is crucial if we are to ensure the highest standards in medical cosmetics are met. At Derma Medical, our cosmetic training courses for nurses train you in the latest advanced medical aesthetic techniques so you can start work in a cosmetic clinic or set up your own practice.

    If you would like to discuss how a Derma Medical cosmetic training courses for nurses could transform your current circumstances with just one weekends training and help you enjoy Greater Wealth, Job Satisfaction and a Better Work/Life balance we would love the opportunity to show you.

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