Achieve Perfect Bespoke Lips on a Lip Filler Masterclass

Our recently launched Lip Masterclass is a great follow up course for any Aesthetic Practitioner that has already completed Foundation training and is wanting a whole days training dedicated to perfecting the art of Lip Augmentation.

Cutting Edge Techniques

This course has been designed to master the art of administering lip filler treatments and enables you to devote an entire training session to learning about the range of techniques available to achieve a certain lip outcome tailored to the request of your patient. The course will also show you how to manage a consultation to gain the best outcome for your patient.

Managing Complications

At our own Harley Street clinic, we regularly have new patients coming who have discovered complications from their previous treatments with other aesthetic practitioners.

Dr Sanah Qasem has recognised this by saying “Lately I have seen a significant increase in fillers done badly, having to correct work in every clinic. This is genuinely upsetting because the patients are often young, had the treatment for the first time and are then left with disfigured lips but nowhere to turn.”

As Lip Filler is such a visual treatment any complications can make an obvious difference to the face, as an aesthetic practitioner this is not a result you want your patients to have. You will learn how to deal with complications and solutions, including Hyaluronidase: Reconstitution and Injection Techniques.

Lip Filler Demonstration

Before delegates start injecting our models they get to observe our Aesthetic Doctors demonstrate the Lip Filler techniques on Cosmetic Models. Dr Zack Ally and Dr Sanah Qasem are both Key Opinion Leaders for Intraline (a leading aesthetics manufacturer) and head up our training academy and Harley Street clinics. They will be showcasing all their tips and tricks during these demonstrations to inspire delegates before they start injecting.

Hands on Practical

Your comprehensive hands-on training will be supervised by our highly-skilled and experienced aesthetic trainers in small groups to maximize retention of knowledge. Plenty of time is allocated to this part of the day, so that you are confident to practice independently afterwards. As with all our training courses, we line up lots of live cosmetic models so you get to see multiple patients with a range of lip filler requirements.

The No. 1 Aesthetic Treatment

Recently more and more celebrities have acknowledged using facial aesthetics and their fans are now following in their footsteps, with progressive media coverage making it more socially acceptable. Lip fillers are the most popular aesthetic treatment we see in our private clinic.

The spike in the graph below shows the day when Kylie Jenner announced she had had Lip Fillers on the popular tv series ”Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Clinics across the UK reported seeing an immediate increase in demand for lip fillers and this is now the treatment of choice for many young females.

Train with Us

If you would like to learn all 14 techniques to provide beautiful bespoke lip filler treatments then book onto one of our upcoming Lip Masterclasses now.

If you are interested in getting heavily discounted treatments by taking part in one of our training days as a live cosmetic model then please visit

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