Derma Medical was founded in the UK in January 2015 by Harley Street Doctor Zack Ally, and launched in Brisbane in September 2016 after a huge demand from delegates based in Australia who wanted to learn the latest cutting edge anti-wrinkle and dermal filler techniques as developed by our founder, CEO, and principal trainer. We now also run courses in Melbourne and are about to expand further to Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.


Brisbane was our first training location when we expanded Derma Medical to Australia due to great demand and the serendipitous discovery of our first-rate trainers, Dr Scott Horsburgh, Dr Edwina Morgan, Dr Nora Sadek, and Lauren Clarke gave us the perfect team to share the knowledge and techniques developed by Dr Zack Ally.

Since our launch in Brisbane in September 2016, we have established monthly combined courses in this location that are consistently fully booked and receive fantastic reviews from delegates after they attend.

We also offer our two masterclasses in Brisbane, the Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring, and the Lip Filler Masterclass, which can be booked together as our Masterclass Expert package. By booking these two masterclasses as a package, you will save $500 compared to if you booked them separately.


Melbourne was our second location in Australia, with the first course running in this city on the 19th and 20th of May. This course was incredibly popular and sold out in record time, both for delegates and models. Led by Dr Gordon Ku and supported by a fantastic team including Dr Aliaa Yusof, and Dr Aaron Staines, delegates from Victoria and further afield were able to learn the same easy to follow landmark based techniques as taught at every Derma Medical training academy.

We are quickly establishing a regular training schedule in Melbourne, with courses running monthly from the beginning due to the popularity of this location.

Our masterclasses will be coming to Melbourne in early 2019 so delegates will be able to complete all courses taught by Derma Medical without having to travel to learn the most advanced treatments and techniques.

Dr Edwina Morgan


Led by Dr Clara Hurst, and supported by Lea Williams and Campbell Corrigan, the team at Derma Medical are due to launch our signature combined course in Perth on the 20th and 21st October at the luxurious Intercontinental Perth City Centre hotel. This course is getting booked up very quickly, so please do book soon to avoid missing out.

As with all our training locations and dates, we teach using live cosmetic models. By booking as a cosmetic model, you will receive a highly discounted treatment, whilst still being treated using high quality products. During your procedure you will be treated by medical professional delegates who are training in anti-wrinkle and dermal filler procedures. These medical professionals will be closely supervised by our highly trained, expert trainers. Book your highly discounted treatment online today!


Next stop on our expansion in Australia is the capital of NSW, Sydney. With the launch in its early planning stages, we are hoping to offer our first course in this location in January 2019, for which you can register your interest today, so you will be one of the first to know when we have dates available to book!

Looking further into 2019, we are hoping to add Adelaide to our ever-growing list of training academies in Australia. Register your interest for this location here.

About Derma Medical

Our easy to follow, landmark based training system, which we teach using live cosmetic models sets Derma Medical apart from other training providers around the world and allows delegates to leave our courses feeling confident in their new skills to begin practising on their own clients straight away.

Our combined course teaches delegates the 18 most popular anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments over 2 days with the opportunity to practise on 30+ live cosmetic models. By enrolling on this course and learning so many treatments before you get started, you will be in a fantastic position to offer your clients almost any treatment that they may ask for right from the very beginning.

For delegates who already have experience in dermal fillers, and who want to learn truly impressive and advanced techniques, including tear trough filler, non-surgical rhinoplasty, chin, and jawline filler, we offer an Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring. This course will truly give you the edge over other practitioners and teach you the treatments that can completely transform your client’s appearance without the need for invasive surgery and lengthy recovery periods.

In addition to our Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring, we also run a Lip Filler Masterclass, which dedicates a whole day to the art of lip enhancement. Lip fillers are by far the most popular dermal filler treatment in the world. By learning advanced techniques in this masterclass, you will learn to create truly bespoke results for your clients who will regularly return for treatments to maintain their perfect pout.

Why Choose Derma Medical

We understand that there is a lot to consider when deciding which training academy to enrol with in order to give yourself the best possible start in your journey into the world of aesthetic medicine. Derma Medical courses are CPD accredited and internationally recognised. By training using an easy to follow landmark based system on live cosmetic models, you will quickly learn how to safely and confidently treat your own clients following the course. In fact, 50% of the course is practical, hands-on training. We also dedicate time to giving advice on the business side of your practise, and we offer 3 months of after care should you have any questions whilst you’re getting set up.

Of course, if you have any questions, our team are on hand to help! Email us at [email protected] or call us on +44 20 3873 7610. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Nora Sadek
Dr Zack Ally
Dr Scott Horsburgh
Dr Aaron Stanes