Anti Wrinkle and Fillers Training Courses in Brisbane, Australia

Derma Medical Launches Training Courses in Brisbane, Australia

Facial Aesthetics is booming in Australia! More affordable treatments, minimally invasive approaches, reversible procedures and fewer complication rates means that the field of Aesthetic Medicine has significantly expanded in the last decade.

The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia reports that 96.8% of patients are women and the biggest sellers are anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, consequently Australia spend over £1bn on non-invasive cosmetic procedures every year.

Australia’s Gold Coast is the equivalent to the UK’s Harley Street, acclaimed for its medical clinics and there is huge demand for more Doctors, Dentists and Nurses to take certified training as more and more Australian’s book in for treatments.

Cosmetic Training In Australia

Derma Medical offer Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injections training courses in Australia for Doctors, Dentists and Registered Nurses. Here are a few reasons for you to consider training with us.

The private sector is notable for paying well. Whether self-employed or working for a clinic you can predict to earn a lot more. Due to the fact this is a growing industry it is genuinely possible to (more than) double your current salary by administering cosmetic injectable treatments on a regular basis.

Many of our trainees have gone on to open their very own outstanding practices and some have even left their previous job in due course. The heightened income generated by working in Aesthetics has allowed many trainees to cut their current working hours and free up more time. The flexibility permitted in this career let’s those when and how often they would like to work (and earn). The outcome could be working more sociable hours, with happier and more fulfilled patients.

Doctors, dentists and nurses are all well suited to this field as they carry transferable skills. Many trainees report it to being a great extension to their already broad CV of clinical skills, and with all of these newer minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures being discovered, now is a great time to be investing in the acquired skills.

At Derma Medical we have helped many of our delegates seek alternative or additional medical relevant routes of employment, whilst still utilising their clinical skills. After completing aesthetic training, trainees have the ability and freedom to open their own cosmetic company or work for an existing one.

What Derma Medical Offer

If you are searching to join this rapidly thriving field, you need to become the ‘Complete Cosmetic Clinician’. This means not only having the skill to inject but also the consultative approach toward your clients, with the ability to develop your ‘Aesthetic eye’.

The course consists of theory and practical sessions that prepares you to treat your clients safely and effectively. We always have plenty of live models for each training weekend so you can put your new skills to work with you will walk away feeling truly confident.

Learn All 18 Industry Treatments

Many courses try to divide the 18 commonly requested Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments into more days so they can charge more, but we believe our unique Landmark based training systems and practical approach means you can master all 18 over the weekend.

If you can offer all 18 treatments, then you have a better chance of gaining new clients or cross selling further treatments to existing ones. Your clients won’t need to look for another practitioner and will remain loyal to you. It’s also far easier to get a job in a clinic if you have already completed advanced training.


Landmark Based Training

At Derma Medical we have created an exclusive ‘landmark-based’ schedule for each procedure that is taught exhibiting how to execute each injectable safely whilst acquiring the desired look.

The cosmetic interventions industry has exploded in the over the previous 5 years and the regulatory frameworks are still playing catch up. On a Derma Medical course we will teach you best practices and ensure you can easily find safe injecting zones to avoid complications when treating patients.

Derma Medical Comes to Australia

Having successfully run aesthetic training courses in London over the last 2 years, we have seen the demand internationally for structured training courses. Derma Medical are now running training courses in Brisbane to offer the same high quality teaching available in London.

On our Australian Website you can find out more about our Foundation and Advanced Dermal Filler & Anti Wrinkle Injection courses in Brisbane, Australia and Book a Place on one of courses and kick start your career in Aesthetics.

If you are interested in paying cost price for aesthetic treatments then why not consider becoming a cosmetic model on one of our training days.

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