Signature Masculinisation

Globally, there has been more emphasis on defining female beauty, however, trends are shifting and more men are seeking customisable options to enhance their appearance. This trend will continue to grow as awareness rises.

It can be very easy to feminise a male face. To get this right, an injector needs to really understand bizygomatic:bigonial:menton proportions and various depth injections. This technique requires a considerable amount of product and multiple techniques that can be used to optimise male proportions.

Some examples of suitable treatments:
*Supra-orbital prominence
*Heightened radix with reduced nasofrontal slope
*Nasophiltrum angle ~90 degrees
*Thinner wider lips, with lateral squaring
*Bizygomatic:Bigonial proportions of 1:1 *Gonial angles 90-100 degrees
*Intracommissure menton width

Are you interested in achieving results like this? Medical professionals can learn how with our Artistic Facial Transformation Course, developed and taught by Dr. Zack Ally himself.

If you’re interested in having these treatments as a patient in our Harley Street clinic please visit our clinic website for more information, pricing and availability.

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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