5 Factors to Consider When Booking Your Course

The popularity of non-surgical treatments has skyrocketed over the past 10 years, and the demand is only looking to increase. With many people shunning the scalpel and permanent surgical procedures, for much safer and non-permanent options. People are a lot less willing to risk the outcome of surgery when a lot of the time the same result can be achieved using anti-wrinkle and dermal filler products.

Due to the popularity of these treatments, there are many training providers offering very different formats. Here are 5 factors that you may wish to consider when you book your training course:

Course Content

It’s very important to consider which treatments you’d like to learn. A lot of training providers purposefully set up their courses so that you need to book multiple courses in order to cover the most popular treatments, so that you have little option but to spend more money with them, and if you do only take the one course you will be left with a gap in your knowledge that will put you at a disadvantage from the starting line.

Before you book your course, make sure that you know exactly which treatments are covered, and use this as a key comparison point.

To start with, you can view all of the treatments we cover under the ‘learning objectives’ on each of our course pages.

For example, our combined course teaches all 18 of the most popular Injectables and dermal filler treatments, this course is just 2 days, and upon completion you be sent certification of attendance that will allow you to get started straight away with a great selection of treatments that you can offer, without the need for further training, unless of course you’d like to learn further procedures. Our unique, ‘landmark-based’ curriculum is used on our training courses that is simple and safe to follow and replicate so that you can treat your own patients with confidence following the course.

Practical Experience

Hands-on practise is an absolute must when it comes to courses of this nature. In order for you to confidently treat your own patients in your own clinic, away from supervision, hands-on practical experience is invaluable.

The amount of experience you get on a course varies widely from company to company and is definitely something you should look for in a course. Every client is different, and their expectations vary, not to mention their anatomy. Models may also ask different questions about the procedure or aftercare that you will need to answer. This is something you cannot simulate on a model or fully understand just from watching a demonstration. It has also been proven that the more hands-on experience you have, the better you will retain the knowledge. Some training providers may require you to bring your own cosmetic model to treat. At Derma Medical we provide all cosmetic models for you, so there is no need for you to bring your own. All of our clinical courses are 50% practical.

On our most popular course, the 2 day combined Injectables and dermal filler course, we have 32 live cosmetic models for you to treat. You will treat the models as a group in a clinic-like setting, giving you a real taste of what to expect following the course. It should be a top priority of the training provider that their delegates leave the course feeling confident that they can safely treat their own patients and put what they have learnt into practice. This should be an essential for your course.

Aftercare and Advice on Your Next Steps

What you do following your course is just as important as the course you take. This is why we take time to cover plenty of business advice on the course in order to give you an actionable list of steps to take in order to get started following your training.

We always recommend that you treat your first patient within 1 month of the course in order to put your new skills into practise and keep your confidence up. Those who do not get started soon after their training find it much harder to establish a career in facial aesthetics.

Derma Medical can give you details on the different options you have to get started, whether you decide to look for employment in an already established clinic, work from home, work as a mobile practitioner, or open your own clinic, there are different things to consider. We will discuss topics including cosmetic indemnity insurance, where to purchase your products, how to find a prescriber if you are not one, and offer advice on pricing, how to approach marketing, and consent forms in order to get started.

Derma Medical also offer 3 months of aftercare, so if you do have any questions whilst you’re getting set up you are more than welcome to contact us for advice, whether that is general business queries, or more specific clinical questions.


Another item to consider when choosing your training provider, is whether they use a range of different products on the day. No two brands are exactly the same and it is a personal choice as to which brand you like working with best. During your aesthetic training with Derma Medical, you will be using various brands and types of product to inject our live models. You will become familiar with which product is used for different areas of the face and develop preferences for certain ones. This is a very personal choice, so we like to give you the opportunity to try different brands to feel the difference and see which one suits your style best. We use the same high-quality products that we use in our own clinic on our training days.

We also include all of the dilutions for Injectables, and other versions of fillers not used on the course in our pre-course manual that you can refer back to at any time following your training.

Course Reviews

For an unbiased opinion on the course you are looking into, we would highly recommend viewing the training provider’s reviews. It is also a very good idea to view reviews on more than one platform. This is because some providers only send the private link to review their company to those who have given them good feedback already. By checking multiple review platforms, such as Facebook and Google, you can get the best idea of the company from the eyes of their previous delegates.

Of course, we all know that some reviews need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but reviews will give you a great overall view of the standard of their training.

We are completely transparent with our reviews and pride ourselves on having such a high number of 5-star reviews. Our Google reviews can be found online here. Our Facebook reviews are here.

Ultimately it is your choice who you decide to train with, but we hope that this article has given you some useful advice on what to look for in a training provider. At Derma Medical we have thought long and hard about what someone may look for in a course, and we strive to offer courses that offer the most value for our delegates, doing what we can to help them establish a successful and sustainable career in facial aesthetics. For more information on our courses, please do visit our website here, or you can email us at, or call us on 020 3873 7620.

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