Unusual Injectables® & Dermal Fillers Treatments

Unusual Injectables® & Dermal Fillers Treatments

The aesthetics world is awash with high tech treatments, lotions, potions and gadgets all promising to whip our life worn faces back into some sort of youthful shape. And the pursuit of beauty is no modern phenomenon, but while some are content to simply give a new face cream a try, plenty of others test out some seriously weird and whacky treatments.

Aesthetic physicians are finding new weird and wonderful procedures in a bid to stand out or simply to find easy and nonsurgical ways to improve looks. Some of these have proven to be a real benefit and taken off, but are things starting to go a little too far?

Below are 4 examples of the latest procedures using Injectables® and dermal fillers. Will they find a place in today’s growing market or are they just plain weird? Only time will tell…


’Ear-tox’: The latest craze in anti-ageing

According to Dr Sundaram, a Washington DC-based dermatologist, ears are important body parts that can give away your age. The ears never stop growing as we get older, and when coupled with reduced muscle tone with increasing age, a phenomenon known as ’Ear sagging’ occurs. Advocates for the procedure claim that women who have been wishing to wear their hair up but not had the confidence to now have an option! Dr. Sundaram quotes ”You don’t want to a situation where your face is lifted and the earlobes look like ’sad sacks’”.  Her solution is to inject Injectables® into the base of the earlobe and behind the ear to create a lift and dermal fillers to create shape and volume. This procedure is proving popular with women over the age of 40, who combine it with a Injectables® neck-lift.


The ’Cinderella foot’ – Foot fillers

“This procedure is specifically targeting women who love to wear high heels. As many women would know, wearing 10 inch heels after a couple of hours can be gruesome! Some women might give up after a while, carrying an extra pair of flats, but there may be an alternative option that allows you to wear them longer. Dermal fillers are injected in to the pad of the toe, ball of the foot or the heel to provide ’extra cushioning’. Apparently this procedure is common in New York City where wearing high heels is part of the culture! However, it is highly experimental and off-licence and currently, there is no science or clinical evidence that dermal fillers should be used for this purpose. Furthermore, dermal fillers have also been used on the upper surface of the feet to achieve a more youthful less vascular look, earning its name as the ’Cinderella foot’. ( Picture is at the top )


’Calve-Tox’- Injectables® for big calves

If you are a woman who struggles with fitting into tight boots or skinny jeans due to overly muscular calves, or if you’re simply unhappy with the appearance of your large lower legs, Botulinum toxin injections might be the answer! This controversial Manhattan-founded procedure is performed to contour and slim down the calves via multiple inejctions in to the muscle. The rationale behind this started after its therapeutic use in children with cerebral palsy to reduce increased muscle tone. Again, this treatment has not been licensed by the Botulinum toxin manufacturers and, if done wrongly, doctors warn there may be a risk of not being able to walk properly.



Pokerface injectables®

Yes, that’s right, it is what it says! A New York-based doctor offers a service that he calls ”Pokertox” for the professional poker player who would like to have a face devoid of any emotion. By injecting Injectables® into certain areas of the face, card-players can remain stone-faced and not worry about their face ’giving it away’! Who knows, with time this may even be classified as cheating and players may be disqualified!



Please note, the above mentioned procedures are not taught across our Foundation or Advanced training days. For more information about the treatments we teach, please visit our models page ( and our training page (

Helen Gavin
Helen Gavin

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