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As aesthetic injectable treatments increase unfortunately so do complications and complaints. Knowing how to review a patient after treatment and manage any complications that arise can be the difference between gaining a loyal advocate for your brand and dealing with a 1-star review. Our Complications tutorial series is designed to equip both new and experienced practitioners with the skills to recognise, manage and prevent aesthetic complications. Using a systematic approach, the course covers immediate, early, and late-onset complications with key management protocols for each, with the core principle of patient safety. This course will make you more confident in handling patient reviews, allowing you to streamline your clinic and concentrate on what really matters. You could even go on to make your niche by offering corrective treatments for patients who have encountered complications elsewhere. ✓ Learn key complication-management protocols: Evidence-based steps to recognise manage and prevent the commonest and rarest aesthetic complications. ✓ Develop your confidence in handling an unhappy patient: Tools to help you deal with even the most difficult situations in your own clinic. ✓ See real-life reviews of toxin and filler complications: Observe the techniques used by our experienced injectors to manage a variety of botulinum toxin and dermal filler complications.   The course is taught online in on DermaHub. Once purchased, we will send you details on how to access the content.

Complications Course



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