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Training Day Overview

Your day will kick off with a series of informative lectures covering a wide range of topics, including anatomy, complication identification and management, consultation strategies, expectation management, and industry development. By the end of the morning session, you’ll have acquired all the essential knowledge required for the injection procedures. In the afternoon, the training will shift into a simulated clinic environment closely resembling real-life practice. Here, you will have the opportunity to observe and treat actual patients, all while receiving expert guidance from our highly skilled and experienced aesthetic trainers.  To ensure the most effective and comprehensive training experience, you’ll be organized into small groups. This approach offers ample time to put into practice the techniques you’ve learned and to cultivate the confidence and expertise necessary for post-training injections. With plenty of hands-on practice in a secure setting, you’ll have the chance to master your skills and boost your confidence when injecting!   
What You Will Learn
You will learn how to develop and perform full facial transformations by combining cutting-edge treatments. You will learn how to treat the nasolabial lines, cheeks, marionette lines, chin, pre-jowl, nose, lips and jawline. After this training day, you will be able to tailor a bespoke package of treatments for your patients to help them achieve a more masculine or feminine appearance, or help them balance their profile or rejuvenate their look. 

Derma Medical Full Facial Transformation

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